True Value Store Survey will give you a $5 discount on your next purchase of $25!

The True Value Store Survey promises you a discount of $5 on your next shopping of $25 if filled at this web address

About True Value Store

The True Value Company is a US based chain of hardware stores that runs under a retail ownership. They sell home décor and improvement items, house appliances, hardware items, lumbers, paints, plumbing, construction materials and other products.

Step by Step Guide to complete the online True Value Store Survey

The True Value Store Survey can be completed with ease if you read and follow the instructions compiled for you below after which you will get to avail a discount worth $5 on your next shopping of $25from the True Value store:

  1. In order to get started with the True Value Store Survey procedure you must get your computer in connection with your internet access nearby
  2. True Value Store Survey home page can then be accessed if you right click this blue hyper link
  3. When you click this link your web browser installed will be prompted to take you to the main page of the True Value Store Survey
  4. Now keep your last billing slip beside you and enter the following data from it:
  • Store ID or number
  • Date of your last visit to their store
  • Time when you were there
  • The total amount of the bill
  1. Click the button for NEXT
  2. Give answers to some questions asking you about your visit to the store
  3. Give true ratings for all the assessed statements using the shown way and this way complete the entire True Value Store Survey
  4. Once you have completed the questions in the True Value Store Survey state your email address
  5. This is ID where you will be sent a $5 discount coupon for your next shopping of worth $25
  6. Check your inbox to see if you have received the coupon.

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