Fill Out the Sprouts Farmers Market Survey to Win A free Gift Card!

Fill the Sprouts Farmers Market Survey at and win a free $250 Gift Card and offer your feedback online.

About the Sprouts Farmers Market Survey

Sprouts Farmers Market is a chain of supermarket stores that operate within the United States. Founded in 2002, Sprouts Farmers Market specializes in organic and fresh foods, as well as deli meat and frozen products.  Sprouts operates more than 240 stores in the United States and employs around 24,000 people.

With the Sprouts Farmers Market Survey, you get the chance to get your opinions heard and avail an opportunity to win a free gift card at the same time.

Requirements for filling out the Sprouts Farmers Market Survey

Follow the conditions listed below in order to finish the survey successfully.

  1. Keep a valid and recent receipt from the latest visit to a Sprouts Farmers Market outlet.
  2. Be able to speak in and understand English to easily fill out the survey.
  3. You should be at least 18 years old and a legal resident to take part in the survey.

Procedure for filling out the Sprouts Farmers Market Survey

  1. On your computer, open up your web browser, and enter the following address in the search bar of the web browser:
  2. Enter the Date of the visit in the space provided.
  3. Provide the Transaction Number.
  4. Also, give your POS Number by writing it into the space provided.
  5. Click the link ‘Submit. You can now start answering questions from the survey.
  6. Next, answer all of the questions based on your experiences. Don’t forget to answer all of the questions and make sure that you answer them as truthfully as possible. Finally, don’t forget to submit your answers.
  7. In order to be entered for the sweepstakes to win the gift card, you will need to give some contact information. These contact details include your number and E-mail Address.

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