Fill out the Tell PDQ Survey to appreciate them on their quick and speedy services!

If you wish to appreciate PDQ on their consistently speedy services then complete the online Tell PDQ Survey at and give them your feedback!

About PDQ

PDQ in full form stands for “Pretty Damn Quick” which is an American chain of fast food. The company is famous for its juicy, delicious chicken dishes at the best prices which anyone can grab without putting a strain on their pocket.

Step by Step Procedure for filling the Tell PDQ Survey

You must follow the step by step guidelines in 7 easy steps given below to successfully complete the online Tell PDQ Survey:

  1. Open the official survey by clicking on the link in your web browser.
  2. This will lead you to the official Tell PDQ Survey page.
  3. You may go through the privacy policy by hitting the link at the bottom right page.
  4. Enter the code of 18 digits which you can located printed on your PDQ purchase receipt from your last visit.
  5. If you want to complete the survey in Spanish then click the button “Espanol”
  6. Begin the survey by answering all the questions regarding PDQ services, customer dealing, food and environment
  7. You can keep clicking “Next” to move on to the sequential questions.
  8. Once you have completed the Tell PDQ survey, simply submit it.

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