BevMo! Survey if completed properly will win you any of the five discount cards!

BevMo! Survey can easily be answered at this URL after which you will also be entered into the drawing for winning any of the discount cards.

About BevMo!

BevMo! Is a corporation that manufactures and sells alcoholic drinks and beverages. They sell all kinds of wines, beers and spirits. All of their main items are sold with the stores of BevMo! Where every sold drink is alcoholic and you have to be at least 21years in age or should be accompanied by an adult of 25 years in age to seek entry into their store.

 Step by Step Guide to complete the online BevMo! Survey

Once you have finished the BevMo! Survey you will become a participant in the lucky draw offering you discount cards in their winning. The survey can be filled if you read and obey the step by step guideline given beneath:

  1. Make sure your computer is fully charged and connected with your Wi-Fi access before starting to fill in the BevMo! Survey
  2. Then to open up the main home page for the BevMo! Survey, right click this web address given ahead
  3. BevMo! Survey’s official page will be displayed for you on the screen of your device through the installed web browser
  4. State the survey access code comprising of 15 numbers in the assigned slot
  5. This access code will be given for you on your billing receipt from your last shopping from BevMo!
  6. Then click the red arrow which says NEXT
  7. State the 11 numbered ClubBev! ID number as stated on the back side of your ClubBev! Membership card
  8. Choose the sentence that describes the kind of visit you had there
  9. Press NEXT
  10. Then answer some more questions in the BevMo! Survey
  11. At the finish end give your contact number.
  12. BevMo! Survey should also be submitted once you have answered the questions.

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