Fill the Bluewater Survey to Win a Gift Card Worth £500!

Love shopping? What would make your shopping experience even better? A £500 gift card? Find out by filling the Bluewater Survey, at

Shopping can be a thrilling experience; buying new things is its own kind of excitement. But when you buy everything you need, the satisfaction is incomparable. Don’t believe us? Try it yourself and go shopping at the best shopping centre around; Bluewater. Whether you like the experience of shopping at Bluewater or not, you can let the company know either way so it can improve itself. How? By filling the Bluewater Survey. And that’s not it; you get a chance to win a £500 gift card for your feedback as well.

Requirements for filling out the survey

To successfully fill out the Bluewater Survey, make sure of the following:

  • Access to a PC, laptop, mobile phone, tablet or any such device.
  • Access to a fast and smooth Internet connection.
  • You have a Bluewater receipt from your most recent visit.
  • You are a legal resident of Great Britain and at least 18 years of age.

The procedure of filling out the Bluewater Survey

  1. Turn on your computer or device and open the browser you generally prefer to use. Navigate to the address bar at the top of the page and enter the following link:
  2. Firstly, read the notice about the use of cookies by the survey website and the Privacy Policy. Then, click “Continue”.
  3. Next, specify the date of your most recent visit to Bluewater.
  4. Then, click “Start” to proceed.
  5. Start the survey by answering all the questions related to your most recent experience at Bluewater.
  6. Once you have answered the questions all the way to the end, you will need to provide your contact information if you wish to be a part of the sweepstakes.
  7. Finally, submit the survey.

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