Clarks Survey will at the end allow you to print out your 15% discount code!

The Clarks Surveys will gift you with a special discount coupon worth 15% if you answer all questions at this web address

About Clarks

Clarks was started out by brothers Cyrus and James Clark, Clarks (C & J Clark Limited) and is worldwide producer and seller of retail company of shoes. The first time the Clarks shoe store was constructed it was back in the year of 1825 and hence has more than 2 century’s old legacy of crafting quality shoes in the market. The chain now has more than 1000 shoe branches located all around the world.

Step by Step Guide to complete the online Clarks Survey

The Clarks Survey is waiting for your feedback, praises, complaints or any suggestions so read and obey the guide below to complete the survey and then earn a 15% discount for your next shopping experience with Clarks:

  1. In order to get started with the Clarks Survey procedure you must get your computer in connection with your internet access nearby
  2. Click the URL given ahead to open the main page for the Clarks Survey on your device in use
  3. You will be taken to the home page designated for the Clarks Survey through the installed web browser
  4. Then hit the button which reads TAKE SURVEY to move ahead
  5. Choose the state in which you visited the Clarks store
  6. State the ticket ID in the assigned slot
  7. Then type in the sales person number or ID
  8. Both of these details will be written on your recent most billing receipt from Clarks
  9. A form would then appear in which you should enter your contact details
  10. Now thoroughly read all the questions asked in the Clarks Survey and answer them honestly
  11. Then remember to submit the questionnaire in its completed form
  12. In the end you will be able to print out a 15% discount coupon for your next visit.

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