Costa Vida Survey will give you one amazing redemption code on the survey completion!

Costa Vida Survey can be opened and filled at while at its completion you will be given a redemption code for unlocking all exciting offers.

About Costa Vida

Costa Vida takes its inspiration from the exquisite Baja Peninsula Coast and the lifestyle that is led for catching the waves. All the visuals, sounds, fragrances and tastes captures at Costa Vida are unique, exquisite and bright as the Baja Experience leaving you full of energy.

 Step by Step Guide to complete the online Costa Vida Survey

To be able to win your own redemption code you must complete the online Costa Vida Survey by reading and obeying the step wise guide compiled for you beneath:

  1. To be able to get started with the Costa Vida Survey take your computer and then connect it with your nearby Wi-Fi access
  2. The Costa Vida Survey official home page can be accessed if you right click this hyperlink ahead
  3. State the store number or ID in the given slot as written for you on your recent most billing receipt
  4. Some questions will be displayed to you asking for general answers regarding the visit you had at Costa Vida such as time of the day you were there, how often you visit Costa Vida etc
  5. In order to be able to stay updated on the latest offers from Costa Vida you must enter your email address that you regularly use
  6. Give a few more rating based answers for the aspects of Costa Vida
  7. Costa Vida Survey not only needs to be finished it also needs to be successfully submitted before closing all your tabs
  8. On your screen you will be shown a validation code which you must note down to avail an awesome offer

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