Fill out the CraftsWorks Survey to get redeem coupon

What makes CraftsWorks stand out among all other multi-branded chains is their attention they give to their customers; they listen to what the customers have to say and take their suggestions and complaints seriously. So, if you have something to tell them regarding their products or services (either good or bad), then fill out the CraftsWorks customer feedback survey at, and get a validation code to redeem amazing offers.

About CraftsWorks

Are you sick and tired of visiting separate venues for eating and entertainment? Or are you looking at all one-to-go places where you can buy everything from, save time and enjoy as well. Then you must visit CraftsWorks store which is a chain of brewery restaurants where various brands of eating and entertainment outlets etc are located. If you haven’t been to CraftsWorks you’re missing out, and if you have then you know how heavenly the experience can be.

Procedure for filling out the CraftsWorks Survey

To fill out the CraftsWorks Survey, follow the step by step guidelines given below:

  1. Visit the following web address in your web browser This will take you to the CraftsWorks Survey page.
  2. Make a selection for your language of preference between English and Chinese.
  3. Next, enter the 15 digit survey code which can easily be located at the bottom of your CraftsWorks purchase receipt and click the button “Start”
  4. Begin the CraftsWorks survey by answering all the questions regarding their service, products and environment.
  5. Then you will be displayed a validation code. Note down on your receipt and use to redeem the offer upon your next visit to CraftsWorks.
  6. Then submit your survey.

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