Enter the Sweepstakes and win exciting prices and gift cards by filling the dd’s Survey online!

Customer satisfaction is the main aim of dd’s Discounts. They want their customers to have the best experience no matter where they go. Your candid feedback is very essential for the progress of the company so share your experience now! You can fill the dd’s Survey online while sitting at home or at a friend’s place or even at work!

About dd’s Discounts

Dd’s Discounts is a part of Ross Family and in 2004, it opened its first store. The buyers know all about the great discount deals on clothes, shoes, décor, toys and so much more. Your favourite brands are also available at dd’s Discounts at a very affordable price due the deals and discounts the company provides. Dd’s stands for ‘Deep Discount’ and the stores are also available in your neighbourhood.

Step by Step Procedure for completing the dd’s Survey online

Follow the simple and easy steps below to complete the dd’s Survey without having to face any issues or problems.

  • Get a device and make sure that it connects to internet or 3G internet. It can be any smart phone, laptop or even a public computer.
  • Click open the web page URL that is there at the end of the statement


  • Main page of dd’s Survey will open on front of you on a new window.
  • Start by entering the 15-digit receipt number from the receipt you got from dd’s Discounts.
  • Then, tell your date and time of your visit and then answer all the questions honestly. Company values the advice and feedback of each and every customer so fill the survey carefully.
  • Provide your personal information in the end and click on ‘Submit’. The company thanks you for taking out the time.
  • Do not worry, your personal information is safe with the company.
  • Note that you should be 18 years old and a resident of U.S. Only then, you will be able to enter the lucky draw!

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