Win $1,000 cheque or money order by filling out the Denny’s Survey

Denny’s is an American family Restaurant. It is known for its diversity. It provides 24-hour service from Breakfast to Dinner. Whether it’s late at night, odd hours or holidays, you will always find Denny’s open and ready to serve you. Because they value your advice and want to work and improve your Denny’s experience. They recently designed a Guest Satisfaction Survey to get their customers’ feedback, to help them improve their service. This survey will help maintain a healthy customer relation with Denny’s. And to appreciate your help, Danny’s is providing you with multiple gift vouchers that you can receive after the successful completion of the survey. The nature of the gift voucher depends upon the type of receipt that you receive from Denny’s. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to win amazing prizes and visit their website at, to complete the Denny’s Survey and earn your prize worth $1,000 cheque or money order – in just 3 minutes.

Requirements for Completing the Denny’s Survey

For the successful completion of the survey you would require:

  • A computer device with stable internet connection.
  • You must either know English, Spanish or French for completing the survey.
  • You would also require a recent purchase receipt from Denny’s.
  • Note down the voucher number after submitting the survey response so to redeem your prize.
  • You would only require 3 minutes to complete the survey.

Step by Step Procedure to Fill out Denny’s Survey

Follow the easy steps given below to complete Denny’s Survey and redeem your prize.

  • To access the survey, visit the website at,
  • The above link will direct you to the survey page.
  • Select the language that you prefer to complete the survey. You have the option of filling the survey in; English, Spanish or French.
  • After selecting the language, clink the Next button given at the bottom of the page.
  • Enter your survey code provided on your recent receipt from Denny’s.
  • Depending upon the number of digits of the code, on your receipt, select the field accordingly.
  • After entering the code, click the Next button. The website will direct you towards the survey questions.
  • Answer the questions as per the instructions provided.
  • After submitting your response, you will receive a voucher code depending upon your receipt.
  • By providing that voucher code to the cashier on your next visit, you can redeem your prize for completing the survey.

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