GAP Factory Store Survey will reward you with a 15% discount coupon upon completion!

GAP Factory Store Survey would gift you with a 15% discount coupon if you successfully finish answering the questions at

About GAP Factory Store

Gap is essentially a shopping store offering online services that is selling all kinds of clothes for men, women, kids, girls, boys and infants. What makes the GAP store more interesting is that they have sections for maternity clothing and sports apparel. The GAP Factory outlet markets all their pieces at even lower rates than they are found in the GAP high street fashion stores.

Step by Step Guide to complete the online GAP Factory Store Survey

GAP Factory Store Survey can be filled by obeying the step wise guide compiled for you below after which you will be rewarded with a  15% discount coupon for your next purchase from the GAP store:

  1. GAP Factory Store Survey designated main page will get revealed to you if you click this URL on your computer
  2. When you click this URL you will be taken to the official page of the GAP Factory Store Survey through your web browser.
  3. Then choose the official language you would like to take the GAP Factory Store Survey in from the choices between English, French and Spanish
  4. Press the button which spells BEGIN
  5. Now enter these billing details from your recent most purchase receipt:
  • transaction number,
  • store ID,
  • country,
  • receipt month,
  • receipt day,
  • receipt year
  1. Click the Start Survey button to go on to the questionnaire
  2. You can now give your reviews, experience details and feedback in the questions asked in GAP Factory Store Survey
  3. When you have answered every question than submit the completed version of the GAP Factory Store Survey before signing off the internet.
  4. You will be then presented with the discount coupon as promised

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