Fill Out the Fred Meyers Jewelers Survey And Win Up To $5,000

he With the Fred Meyers Jewelers Survey at, you can take part in the sweepstakes online and win up to $5000 gift cards from Kroger.

About the Fred Meyers Jewelers Survey

Fred Meyers Jewelers is a chain of jewelry stores in the United States, which is owned by the parent company of Fred Meyer. The company started out in 1973 and is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, within the United States.

Requirements to fill out the Fred Meyers Jewelers Survey

The requirements mentioned here are essential so you can be successful in the completion of this survey.

  1. Do not lose the valid and recent receipt from the latest visit to a Fred Meyers Jewelers outlet.
  2. Have the ability to speak in and understand English to easily fill out the survey.
  3. You need to be at least 18 years old and a legal resident to take part in the survey.

Procedure to fill out the Fred Meyers Jewelers Survey

  1. Using your computer, click on the web browser to open it, and then enter the address mentioned into the search bar area of the web browser:
  2. Before you start the survey, read through the official rules for the sweepstakes. Simply do this by going to ‘Sweepstakes Rules’ and reading the details provided.
  3. Enter the Store Number and Transaction Number in the spaces provided.
  4. Select the Date and the Time of your last visit from the drop down menu.
  5. If you can’t remember any of these details, don;t worry. Simply refer to your receipt for information.
  6. Click ‘Start’ and begin answering the questions set in the survey.
  7. Next, answer all of the questions based on your experiences. Don’t forget to answer all of the questions and make sure that you answer them as truthfully as possible. Finally, don’t forget to submit your answers.
  8. Submit information at the end of the survey which can be used to contact you. This can include your name, E-mail Address, as well as your phone number.

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