Fill out the Hard Rock Café Survey to win rewards

If you’re a fan of coffee, you must be familiar with Hard Rock Café. This is a chain of restaurants that has been around for more than 40 years. The company, however, doesn’t just bring you an amazing dining experience, but they also provide you with an added opportunity to win free rewards. The best part is that it doesn’t require much work on your part. All you need to do, if you’re a regular at Hard Rock Café is to go to and fill out the survey in no time.

This survey is very important for the people at Hard Rock Café because they not only want to provide you with free coupons, but they also want to improve their service. By filling out this survey and providing your valuable feedback, you can help their people improve their quality, services, and even their interactions with customers.

Requirements for filling out the Hard Rock Café Survey

To fill out the Hard Rock Café Survey, you must have:

  • Access to a device that is capable of connecting to the Internet.
  • Access to an Internet connection that is smooth and fast.
  • A receipt from your last visit to a Hard Rock Café Store.

The procedure of filling out the Hard Rock Café Survey

  • On your computer, open up your preferred web browser and in the search tab, type in the following address:
  • In the spaces provided on the page that loads, enter in the 15 digit Purchase Code that can be found on your receipt. You should also enter in the Date and the Time listed on your receipt in the appropriate spaces.
  • Click ‘Start’.
  • Over the next few pages, you will be asked a series of questions about your experience at the store and the quality of the product. Answer all questions honestly.
  • At the end of the survey you may be asked some demographic based questions, these help the people analysing to make sense of results.

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