Win $1000 daily and a prize of $1,500 every week after filling in the Lord and Taylor Survey

To win a prize of $1,000 daily and $1,500 every week, simply share your honest feedback and reviews at the online Lord and Taylor Survey on

Step by Step Procedure for filling the online Lord and Taylor Survey

Read and obey the systematic set of instructions given below to successfully finish the entire Lord and Taylor Survey and enter a chance to win all the amazing cash prizes promised as a reward by the company:

  1. Get your internet enabled on the device that is in use and sufficiently charged.
  2. Click the web link given ahead for opening the main home page of the Lord and Taylor Survey
  3. The home browser set on your device in use will display you the official page for the Lord and Taylor Survey
  4. Select the area to continue
  5. Tell whether your last visit to Lord and Taylor yielded in a purchase or not
  6. Then start typing the transaction ID number in its assigned slot which you can find printed on your survey invitation
  7. Now you will have the permission to access the questionnaire of Lord and Taylor Survey
  8. Remember to state honest responses for their product quality, service standards and environment of the store. Be as honest as you can be.
  9. Then state your contact details at the end of the Lord and Taylor Survey so that you can be entered into the prize draw winning for the promised cash prizes.
  10. Now review your responses and make a submission of your Lord and Taylor Survey.

About Lord and Taylor

Lord & Taylor is a chain of departmental stores that offers a wide collection of items for men, women and children. It was founded back in 1826 and has a known reputation for its best quality, timeless products and latest trends.

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