Win discount coupon by filling out the McDonald’s Survey

McDonald’s require their customers to fill out the McDonald’s Survey at That survey needs to be filled with the information which is based on the recent experience of the restaurant. The information which you will provide will help McDonald’s in improving their services.

On completion of the McDonald’s Survey, you will be getting a code which you can write down on your receipt and that code will provide you discount on your next visit to McDonald’s.

McDonald’s Survey Rules

  1. You must be of 15 years old or older than 15 years to participate in the McDonald’s Survey.
  2. You must have a receipt of your purchases from the McDonald’s.

Ways of Participating in the McDonald’s Survey

To participate in the survey, you will have to open the web page

How to Complete the McDonald’s Survey

  1. You must have access to stable internet connection along with a device such as a laptop or a cell phone which can be used to access the web page.
  2. Open the web page
  3. You are required to fill the information according to the picture shown on your right.
  4. You will get that information from the receipt which you got from the restaurant.
  5. You are required to enter the store ID, KS number, Date and Time of your visit, your order number, then the amount.
  6. All of the above details are present on your receipt and you can easily locate them if you still are unable to find anyone of them just follow the picture.
  7. Then click on start survey and answer the questions with reference to your recent visit at the restaurant.
  8. After answering all the questions you will be given a code which you can write down on your receipt and show it at the restaurant on your next visit to get the discount.

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