Fill the Bettys Survey for Some Exciting Rewards

Tea is the opium of the masses, and when you get it for free, there is nothing better. So, fill the Bettys Survey, at, for your fix of tea.

Tea is one of the best things that nature has given us. Countries have gone to war over tea, so its significance to our world cannot be overstated. But, when you want the best tea, there is only one place you can get it; Bettys. And you can even get it for free if you simply share your feedback about the company with the people behind it. How? By filling the Bettys Survey.

Requirements for filling out the survey

To successfully fill out the Bettys Survey, make sure of the following:

  • Access to a PC, laptop, mobile phone, tablet or any such device.
  • Access to a fast and smooth Internet connection.
  • You have a Bettys receipt from your most recent visit.

The procedure of filling out the Bettys Survey

  1. Turn on your computer or device and open the browser you generally prefer to use. Navigate to the address bar at the top of the page and enter the following link:
  2. First, read the welcome notice about the use of cookies by the survey website to collect information about your visit and the system you are using. Then, click “Continue”.
  3. Next, enter the Bettys store number and Receipt Number in the given spaces, specify the Date and Time of your most recent visit, and enter the Amount Spent. You will find all this information on your Bettys receipt.
  4. Then, click “Start” to proceed.
  5. Begin the survey by answering all the questions related to your most recent experience at Bettys.
  6. Once you have answered the questions all the way to the end, you will need to provide your contact information if you wish to be a part of the sweepstakes.
  7. Finally, submit the survey.

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