Fill out the Piercing Pagoda Survey and Redeem a Pagoda Offer On your next visit

If you wish to redeem interesting rewards from a jewelry store then fill out the online Piercing Pagoda Survey at and tell them what you think of their services whether good or bad.

About Piercing Pagoda

Piercing Pagoda is one of the most leading jewelry stores in North America and is essentially a huge part of the Zale Corporation. Piercing Pagoda specializes in making and marketing the unique type of jewelry collection for all its customers including earrings, diamond, gold, silver and various types of unique stones etc.

Step by Step Guidelines for completing the Piercing Pagoda Survey

In order to complete the Piercing Pagoda Survey easily with convenience and without any hassles then you must follow the step by step guidelines given below:

  1. Visit the Piercing Pagoda survey by clicking on the following link or by copying it in the address bar This link will directly take you to the official Piercing Pagoda Survey.
  2. At the homepage you must first make a choice for the language you wish to take the survey in; the automatic language is set for English, but you can switch to Spanish by clicking on “Espanol” button given at the bottom of the page.
  3. Now select your Time of visit to the store, type in the ASSC number, your Total bill and the Survey Code (or entry number). All this information can be located on your Piercing Pagoda purchase receipt.
  4. Then hit the “Start” button to begin answering the Piercing Pagoda Survey.
  5. Begin the survey and answer all the questions regarding the services of Piercing Pagoda.
  6. Next, rate your satisfaction with their merchandise, availability, and quality of assistance, etc from the given scale.
  7. At the end you will receive a Validation Code, write it down on your purchase receipt to redeem your Piercing Pagoda offer upon your next visit to their store.
  8. At the end simply submit your Piercing Pagoda Survey.

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