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If you have a pet at home or thinking about keeping one, then PetSmart is the bible of all the requirements, and information that you need to know about keeping a pet. PetSmart is a retail store which provides all the supplies that you need for your pet; grooming techniques and appliances, training information, and all the information about your pet’s health and other cares. There are supplies for all the needs of almost every kind of pet from dogs to reptiles to fishes. It also has an online store from where you can order supplies for your pet via their website. To know their customers’ opinion about their experience at their store, they have created a customer feedback survey. This survey is intended to improve their services in the most efficient manner which best suit their customers. To appreciate your opinion, PetSmart will give different prizes through a validation code which you can redeem after completing the survey. Therefore, don’t miss out on this great opportunity to win happiness for your pet and visit their website at, to complete the survey and earn prizes for your pet and give it a treat.

Requirements for Completing the PetSmart Feedback Survey

For the successful completion of the survey you would require:

  • A computer device with stable internet connection.
  • You must either know English or Spanish for completing the survey.
  • You would also require a recent purchase receipt of PetSmart.
  • Note down the validation code after submitting the survey response, and redeem it upon your next visit to the store.

Step by Step Procedure to Participate in PetSmart Survey

Follow the easy steps given below to complete PetSmart survey and redeem your prize.

  • To access the survey, visit the website at,
  • The above link will direct you to the survey page.
  • Select the language (English or Spanish) that you want to fill the survey in.
  • Enter your 16-digit survey code provided on your recent purchase receipt from PetSmart.
  • After entering the code, click the Next button. The website will direct you towards the survey questions.
  • Answer the questions as per the instructions provided.
  • After submitting your response, you will receive a validation code. Which you can utilize upon visiting the shop next time.

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