Win up to worth $1,000 gift cards by filling out the Walmart Survey

The Walmart Survey serves the purpose of self-evaluation. It is designed, so that Walmart could come up with new strategies, which can further add on to costumers’ comfort and Walmart’s success. Besides this, the feedback survey also comes bearing gifts for you. Who doesn’t like to shop? But every time one has to keep a strict eye on the budget. Well, you can now unleash the tiny Shopaholic within you. Since Walmart is offering six $1,000 and seven hundred and fifty $100, Walmart gift shopping cards. Get a chance to win these prizes simply by taking part in the feedback survey at,

Walmart is an American retail store. It consists of, chains of grocery stores and hypermarkets. In order to know their customers’ feedback, they created a survey.

Requirements for filling Walmart Survey

You need to fulfill the following criteria, to take part in the survey:

  • No purchase from a Walmart store is necessary.
  • Age of the person, taking the survey should be at least 18 or above.
  • The person taking the Survey, must be a legal resident of any of the 50 states of America, including Washington D.C.
  • The survey must be completed before the date given on the Walmart store receipt. Or in case of without purchase, one week after visiting the website.

Procedure for filling out the Survey

Follow the guidelines provided below to complete the Walmart survey. There are two ways to complete the process:

  1. With Purchase;
  • You can find the survey Visit,
  • Select your preferred language, English or Spanish.
  • Add the zip code of your residential location.
  • You are required to add; the store number, Customer ID and the visit date, as it appears on the recent Walmart receipt
  • Answer all the questions as per the instructions. And by submitting the survey, you will be entered into the Sweepstake.
  • You can leave the survey midway and come back to it later. Your responses will be saved. To start where you left off, you just need to enter; the store number, and Id again.
  1. Without Purchase; (also known as the Sweepstake)
  • You can also enter directly to the sweepstake by visiting,
  • Select the language you prefer English, or Spanish.
  • Answer the Questions as per the instruction given.
  • Date of sweepstakes ends, on the date given in the official rules.

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