Banana Republic Survey offers you a 20% discount on your next visit!

The Banana Republic Survey would reward you with a 20% discount on a regularly priced product if you fill the survey on

About Banana Republic

Banana Republic is a luxury clothing brand that stitches and sells modern, latest, filled with soul and well tailored clothing items for men and women all across the globe. All of the products marketed at Banana Republic feature embellished designs made on high end fashion fabric and then are tagged with appropriate prices. They also design and sell other items such as bags, shades, jewelry and perfumes.

Step by Step Guide to complete the online Banana Republic Survey

This Banana Republic Survey designed in form of an online platform demand user and client feedback so that they can improve further according to customer likes. The Banana Republic Survey can be filled if you read and obey the step by step guideline given below and then win a 20% discount on your next shopping:

  1. Manage to get your device in an internet connection that is reliable and can be trusted enough to support the Banana Republic Survey process
  2. Banana Republic Survey main page should then be opened using this blue link
  3. Once you click this link your web browser will be prompted to take you to the official home page for the Banana Republic Survey
  4. You will then be asked to choose the language to attempt the Banana Republic Survey in from the following options:
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  1. Then keep your billing details beside you and state the following data as stated on it:
  • Store ID
  • Register ID
  • The date and month in which you last time went to Banana Republic
  • Transaction ID of 4 numbers
  1. Tell about what you purchased and how much was your bill etc
  2. Then using the shown scale rate for the services and quality of products of Banana Republic
  3. Then you will be given a special discount code as promised which you can use to avail 20% off on your next purchase from the Banana Republic

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