Fill Out the ACE Hardware Survey to Join Online Sweepstakes!

You can go to and fill out the ACE Hardware Survey. Also, you should join the sweepstakes in order to win $1000 monthly.

About the ACE Hardware Survey

ACE is a retail company that provides its customers with hardware products. Based in the United States, ACE is one of the most prolific hardware companies in the world and has a name in the United States, in addition to being known across the rest of the world.

Requirements for taking part in the ACE Hardware Survey

Anyone wanting to take part in the Gander Mountain Survey should follow the requirements that are listed below to complete the survey successfully.

  1. Be over the age of 18, and be a legal resident of the United States.
  2. You should have a receipt from your last trip to an ACE Hardware store.
  3. Be able to effectively understand and communicate in the English language.

How to take part in the ACE Hardware Survey

If you want to be part of the survey, follow the steps below:

  1. On your computer, enter the web address in the web browser that you prefer, and click enter so that the page can load.
  2. Once the page loads, you can get information on how to enter the sweepstakes without taking the survey by clicking the links provided underneath the form box.
  3. Enter your Total Amount, Time of Visit, the Date of the Visit. In addition to this, provide the Store Number and the Journal Number in the given fields.
  4. Click ‘Start’.
  5. As you are taking part in the survey, you will be asked many different questions that relate to your experience at the ACE Hardware store. The survey questions will also address the quality of their service as well as their products. Answer all of the questions and answer them as truthfully as possible.
  6. Finally, submit your responses so they can be effectively recorded and used to improve things!

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