Redeem a $5 discount and enter exciting prize draws by filling in the Books-A-Million Survey!

Redeem a $5 discount on your next purchase and win cash prizes up to the value of $1,000 daily and $1,500 weekly by filling in the Books-A-Million Survey on!

About Books-A-Million

Books-A-Million was established in 1917 and in its short form is written as BAM. It owns and operates a successful chain of bookstores all across the United States of America. It is the second biggest chain with 200 branches in North Eastern, Southern and Mid Western United States but has its headquarters based in Birmingham, Alabama and is an employment hub for over 5,500 employees.

Step by Step Procedure for filling the online Books-A-Million Survey

If you wish to finish the online Books-A-Million Survey successfully you must read and do as stated in the step wise guide given below and then redeem a $5 discount on your next purchase and enter a lucky draw to win prizes valued till $1,500:

  1. Your first task is to get your computer in connection with your Wi-Fi access nearby.
  2. Visit the official URL given ahead to see the official home page for the Books-A-Million Survey
  3. Your web browser set as home browser on your computer will show you the main page for the Books-A-Million Survey.
  4. Now on the main page type the survey entry code in its assigned slot.
  5. You may locate this survey code on your receipt from Books-A-Million
  6. Then begin answering the Books-A-Million Survey by giving them honest ratings and responses for their inquired services, product quality and overall environment.
  7. Be honest when answering all the questions.
  8. Once you have finished answering the Books-A-Million Survey, you must fill in a short form asking for your contact details.
  9. This will enter you into the prize draw for winning $1,000 daily and $1,500 every week.
  10. Re-read your responses and submit the filled Books-A-Million Survey.

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