Fill out the Charley’s Survey for Some Amazing Offers

Is there anything better than good food? How about good food that is also free? Find out by filling the Charley’s Survey, at, and getting amazing offers.

What is the one thing that can make a happy event even happier, but also help someone through a stressful or sad time? Your friends and family of course, but there is something even more important; food. Good food can not only help you celebrate, but also comfort you when you’re down. And there is only one place where you can get the best food for any occasion; Charley’s. What makes it even better is the amazing offers you receive for filling the Charley’s Survey at

Requirements for filling out the survey

To fill out the Charley’sSurvey, make sure of the following:

  • You have access to a computer or device capable of connecting to the Internet.
  • You have access to an Internet connection that is fast and smooth.
  • You have a receipt from your most recent visit to Charley’s.
  • You have a basic understanding of the English language.

The procedure of filling out the Charley’s Survey

  1. Turn on your computer or device and open the browser you generally prefer to use. In the address bar, at the top of the page, enter the following web address:
  2. Enter the 5-digit store number, and the date and time of your visit. This information is available on your Charley’s receipt.
  3. Then, select your visit type and whether this was your first visit to Charley’s.
  4. Click “Start”.
  5. Begin the survey by answering a few questions related to your overall satisfaction with the food and services of Charley’s during your most recent visit.
  6. Once you have answered all the questions, you will need to provide your contact information to claim the Charley’s offer.
  7. Submit the survey.
  8. After you have submitted the survey, you will receive a validation code. Write this code on your receipt and bring it with you during your next visit to redeem the offer.

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