Fill out the Mecca Bingo Survey to win £1,000 cash

Win Big With the Mecca Bingo Customer Satisfaction Survey

If wining bingo isn’t enough for you, fill the Mecca Bingo Survey, at, to win even more prizes, including an iPod, £500 Mecca Bingo Vouchers, or £1,000 cash.

If you have ever played Bingo with your family or friends, then you know how fun it can be. But, if you have ever played it a Bingo club, then you know how serious a simple game of Bingo can get as well. Whether you play for fun, or in the spirit of good competition, there is no Bingo Club better than Mecca Bingo. Founded in 1961, Mecca Bingo operates Bingo clubs throughout the United Kingdom. With a revenue of over £221.5 million, Mecca Bingo is already huge, but it is always striving to improve itself through its customers’ feedback. So, fill the Mecca Survey and help Mecca Bingo be even better.

Requirements for filling out the survey

To fill out the Mecca Bingo Survey, you must have the following:

  • Access to a device that can connect to the Internet.
  • Access to a smooth and fast Internet connection.
  • A survey code from Mecca Bingo.

The procedure of filling out the Mecca Bingo Survey

  1. Turn on your device or computer and open your preferred browser. In the address bar, at the top of the page, enter the following web address:
  2. Enter the survey code in the given field.
  3. Click “Enter”.
  4. Answer a few questions regarding your most experience at Mecca Bingo. Answer these questions, related to the quality of their services, as honestly as possible.
  5. After you have answered all the survey questions, you may be required to enter your personal information in order to enter the Sweepstakes and win prizes.
  6. Finally, submit the survey.

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