Fill out the Pizza Hut UK Survey to win £1,000 prize

The Pizza Hut UK Survey is a feedback mechanism devised by Pizza Hut for the purpose of collecting customers’ valuable feedback about the goods and services they consume and avail at Pizza Hut outlets. The information helps Pizza Hut in improving the quality of their goods and services so as to be better able to satisfy the needs of their customers. Take part in the Pizza Hut UK Survey and get a chance to win exciting prizes, deals and offers worth £1,000!

Pizza Hut UK Survey Requirements

  • Make sure you have a device with a good internet connection
  • You must have visited a Pizza Hut outlet recently
  • You must have your Pizza Hut sales invoice from that recent visit with you

How to Take Part in the Pizza Hut UK Survey

Filling out the Pizza Hut UK Survey is a fairly simple task which you can perform in just a few, easy and quick steps, each of which has been spelled out in detail for you below:

  1. Launch your web browser; copy and paste the following URL into the address bar:
  2. The link will take you to the official Pizza Hut UK Survey site
  3. On the page, you will be asked to provide your receipt number, the amount you spent, and the name of your server/waiter. For all this information, you will have to refer to your sales receipt, therefore, make sure to keep it nearby
  4. After you have provided all of the above information, click on the “Begin Feedback” button to proceed.
  5. Thereafter, answer all the survey questions as prompted to finish filling out the survey. Try answering the questionnaire as honestly as you can, providing any feedback, comments or suggestions you may have

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