Receive Free Cookie by filling out Subway Survey

If you enjoy Subway’s classic Cookies – you can receive a free cookie simply by using Subway’s Tell Subway service. This allows customers to give their feedback on Subway stores, and can be filled out within just 1 minute using the receipt from the last visit. Just go to, answer the questions, and receive your cookie immediately.

Requirements for filling out the Tell Subway Survey

  1. The receipt must be from a visit that is a maximum of thirty days ago.
  2. All questions need to be answered to complete the survey.
  3. A valid email address should be provided to receive the code.
  4. The code received should be written at the back of the receipt.
  5. The cookie must be collected from the same Subway outlet as the first visit.
  6. The cookie can be received within a week of completing the survey.

How to fill in the Subway Survey

  1. Enter into your web browser to open the Subway Survey page.
  2. In the required fields, enter the restaurant number, the date, and time. Enter your transaction number, in case of payment in cash or your Host Order ID if you paid using a Credit Card or Subway Card.
  3. If you cannot find your number, Subway provides samples with helpful highlights – you can access these by clicking on the “Still having trouble finding your restaurant #?” option.
  4. Fill out the survey, keeping in mind that selecting 0 implies the minimum (not satisfied) and 10 the maximum. (Very satisfied) Select “Continue” to move to the next page.
  5. On page 3, answer Yes/No to the questions and fill out the appropriate boxes. Select “Continue” to move on.
  6. On the last page, supply your email address to receive a code to get a free Subway cookie. Select “Submit” to complete the survey.

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