White Castle Survey if properly filled will win you an amazing validation code!

White Castle Survey will gift you with a special validation code filled with an offer on its completion if filled at this URL www.whitecastle.com/survey.

About White Castle

White Castle was constructed in 1921 and is famously known as a chain of fast food in America.  The chain was then recognized for its square shaped hamburger called sliders.

Previously they placed their prices only at 5 cents per item so that everyone can afford it. However slider burgers of White Castle now are recognized as the most scrumptious burgers of all times as stated in the Times Magazine.

 Step by Step Guide to complete the online White Castle Survey

If you have tried the famous burgers of White Castle, then it is your duty to give your feedback at their online platform of White Castle Survey so that others can know. The White Castle Survey can be finished if you read and follow the step by step guideline given beneath:

  1. Take your device in connection with your nearby internet connection to get started with the White Castle Survey
  2. Click the web address given ahead to open up the official home page of the White Castle Survey on your computer www.whitecastle.com/survey
  3. White Castle Survey’s official page will pop up on the screen of your device through the web browser installed.
  4. State the unique code based on 6 digits from your recent most billing receipt that you have from White Castle
  5. Then state the sales ID, Team member ID and the date of your recent trip to White Castle
  6. Now you may move on to answering the White Castle Survey questions asking about the taste, quality and standard of food there
  7. In the end give your contact data to the company
  8. White Castle Survey must be submitted once you are done answering all questions
  9. You will then be given a redemption coupon which you should use to claim your promised offer.

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