Old English Inns Survey can make you a lucky winner of a prize worth £250!

Old English Inns Survey can be finished at this URL www.youroldenglishinn.co.uk after which you will be entered into the draw for winning £250.

About Old English Inns

Old English Inns is a chain of one of the most ancient pubs and hotels in England.  All of the hotels and pubs of Old English Inns display a unique symbol of the charms of the past while providing comfort of a modern home to all their present customers and visitors. They also give a variety of foods and drink with free Wi-Fi access.

Step by Step Guide to complete the online Old English Inns Survey

To be able to finish the Old English Inns Survey you should take assistance from the guide compiled for you beneath and then you will become a part of the lucky draw which has promised you a gift of £ 250 given that you win:

  1. Old English Inns Survey’s main page can be seen if you simply right click the web address as given in blue ahead www.youroldenglishinn.co.uk
  2. The awaited main page of the Old English Inns Survey will then get displayed on your screen through the installed browser on your computer.
  3. State the ID of the location as given on your invitation card
  4. Then press the button “Take Part”
  5. If you do not possess a location ID then click the button which says “I do not have a location ID”
  6. Choose the branch location of Old English Inns you recently went to
  7. Enter the time and date when you visited the branch
  8. Click the button NEXT
  9. Rate how well were you satisfied with your visit there
  10. Honestly give your feedback responses regarding their food, environment
  11. Enter your title, full name, house address, ZIP code and email ID to become a part in the company’s sweepstakes.
  12. Make sure you review your responses and then submit the Old English Inns Survey before you decide to close all your tabs.

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